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Sound recording

We have a recording studio and provide services related to recording voice overs for films, multimedia, radio advertisements, telephone messages (IVR & prompts) to suit your custom requirements. We are rendering Audio Recording Services to our patrons. Due to prompt completion, our offered service is extremely admired in the market. Our service meets on client’s demand. Moreover, we render this service as per patron’s demand.

Mixing and Mastering

With staff who have more than a decade of mixing and mastering experience combined with world-class equipment, We helped many artists take their production to a whole new level. Our clients span musical genres and styles.

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music production1

Music Production

Singles can be released online, however if you did not release your material through a record company, it would simply mean it's self released and you are just making your music 'available' more than anything. benefits of single release.

Video Editing

We offer a range of video editing solutions for the various requirements of our clients. In addition to processing raw video footage, we also enhance existing source videos as per the specifications provided by the client. We use state-of-the-art video editing software to transform videos into professional-grade formats and file types. During this process, we add enhancements such as titles, background music, special effects, noise removal, transitions and file-type conversions, to provide polished and processed outputs.

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video production1

Video production

Promotional Radio style Recordings that will be playback 4 to 5 hours continue with Advertisements for your business will hold your customers' attention while they're in your facility and grow your business by resonating with your client base.

Shooting Equipment

We work for Producers, Directors, Production Companies, Branding & Advertising Agencies, Network Television, Corporate Communications, Event Companies and CMP's. We also provide professional video equipment rentals to some of the best DP's locally and from around the world.  We have high tech Cameras, Lights, Lenses, Crane, Drone etc.

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fm and tv jingles1

FM & TV Ad Jingles

21st centuries Most Powerful Way Of Promotion The Thing Which is Make Big Companies "THE BIG COMPANIES" We Work For TV ads As Video Production Line UP We Work For FM Jingles As a Music Production.

Film post production

Equipped with versatile musicians, composers, and a huge bank of voice talents, We stands out in creating catchy jingles for TV commercials and radio spots. We cover voices, music & audio effects for all promotional material.

film post production1


Background Music

AD Studio is providing audio for everything from full-length feature films to short documentaries. And also handle all audio for post-production requirements including foleys, SFX, editing, mixing, and mastering.

All Type video Shootings

(Music Video, Documentary Shoot, Video Ad, Fashion Shows etc)

Our EVM (eLearning, Voiceover, Multimedia) team has wide experience in the production of corporate video films, providing pre-production consultation, filming expertise, shooting equipment and post-production services to a wide variety of requirements. Our professional cinematographers, expert editors and talented voice-over artists have years of experience in making creative and innovative films for our clients. This includes video-shoots for new products, on-location shoots for industrial training videos, etc. We have provide pre-production consultation, filming expertise, shooting equipment and post-production services to a wide variety of corporate and industrial video shooting requirements. Our videographers work on the latest equipment and software suites to provide you the best customer experience.


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